Performance Application

Latinos In Action encourages the learning and presentation of our individual cultures through song and dance. We also encourage participation in the arts. We are pleased to be able to offer the opportunity to share your talents at our annual Youth Leadership Conferences.


To allow as many performances as possible, all performances will have a time limit of 3 (three) minutes. The video you submit must show the full performance including full costumes, props, and anything else that will appear on stage.In addition to dance performances, we encourage singers, and instrumentalists to submit an application.


Please review the performance rules and guidelines carefully and submit your application by the deadline date of March 10, 2021.

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School Information

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Performance Information

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LIA Right of Use

Latinos In Action may record your performance and use it for promotional purposes. Should you be selected to perform at conference you agree that LIA has the right, without any compensation to you, to publish all or part of your performance online, on social media, in promotional materials and in any other way to promote the organization, raise funds, and for all other purposes deemed necessary by Latinos In Action.

Video / Music

Please enter the link for your unlisted video below and also, if applicable, upload the music you will use for your performance.

Please enter the link for your unlisted video below.