Short Film Competition

The 2020-2021 Latinos In Action theme is “Be The Change.”


There are many things to do on my journey. No matter how difficult the task I am committed to my own success. I am going to Be The Change!


Please review the short film competition rules and guidelines carefully before submitting your film.

Contact Information

Please enter your phone number with dashes. Example 801-345-6789 and not 8013456788

School Information

Please enter the full name of your school. (example: Central Davis Junior High School, not Central Davis Jr. New London High School, not New London. Ogden Preparatory Academy, not Ogden Prep)

Please enter the first and last name of your LIA teacher. Please do not enter Miss, Mr., or Mrs. Example: Tom Johnson, not Mr. Johnson. Susan Brinkley, not Miss Brinkley

Please indicate your grade.

Please indicate what conference your school has been assigned to attend.

Personal Work

Short films submitted for consideration in the short film competition must be created by the student(s) whose name(s) appear below.


Please list the full name(s) of each student responsible for making the short film. This person will receive the prize money if your short film wins the competition. If multiple people are responsible for creating the short film, prize money will be split between the people whose names appear here.You are welcome to add each person's role. Example: John Smith, Writer and Director. Sam Sneed, Cinematographer. Susan Johnson, Music.

LIA Right of Use

Your short film may be used by Latinos In Action for promotional purposes. By submitting your work you agree that LIA has the right, without any compensation to you, to publish all or part of your short film online, on social media, in presentations and in any other way to promote the organization, raise funds, and for all other purposes deemed necessary by Latinos In Action.

Please attach link to your Short Film here.

Thank You! Please review your information carefully before submitting. LIA will not be responsible for incorrect emails or other incorrect information. Good luck!