We are excited to invite you to table at the 2020 Latinos In Action Youth Leadership Conferences. The theme this year is Make It Happen. We are pleased to report that we will host over seven thousand students at six conferences in three states!


Our mission is to empower Latino youth to lead and strengthen their communities. We achieve this through culturally responsive social and emotional learning, college and career readiness, and leadership development. We welcome at the conference those who seek to help our students progress to the professional world as they learn and practice the skills they need to become leaders.

A one time $100 fee per organization allows you to have one table at all conferences. Should you need a second table the cost is $50 per additional table. Higher Education institutions are exempt from the fee for the first table.


Please fill out the form below by Wednesday, February 26, 2020. You are welcome to contact Burton Rojas at with questions.