Competition prize awards are subject to location and availability.


  • Submit a photo of your original art piece that portrays the “Trust In Me” theme.
  • Acceptable formats for your submission: jpg, png, pdf
  • Submit a short paragraph describing the inspiration for your piece and how it portrays the “Trust In Me” theme.

What to create:

Painting, Sculpture, Photography, Drawing, Textile, Welding, Woodworking, etc. – any visual arts medium that you would like to use!

We recommend viewing the following samples of past winning entries:

How to Submit to Work:

  • Take a high-resolution photo of your art piece in a well-lit area. If your artwork is in a digital format, submit a digital image.

Judging Criteria:

  • Inclusion of the “Trust In Me” theme.
  • Depth of insight or response invoked by the art piece.
  • Creativity and originality based on the “Trust In Me” theme.
  • Quality of the artwork and skill required for its creation.
  • Overall presentation.

Registration OPENS:

DEC 08, 2021

Registration CLOSES:

JAN 31, 2022

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