Presenting a workshop at one or various of our annual Youth Leadership Conferences is a fantastic opportunity to get your message in front of many students of all different backgrounds. Each of our conferences will host approximately 1300 junior, middle, and high school students who are excited and eager to learn something new.


The theme for this year’s conference is “It’s Up to Me.” I am responsible to do everything I can to strengthen myself and find success. I am also responsible to help my community move forward. The theme expresses the idea that everyone is responsible to do what they can to find success as students, leaders, and members of the community. The theme also suggests a shared responsibility to help others in the community move forward. We encourage vendors to incorporate the theme into their tables if possible, but it is not a requirement.

We encourage you to incorporate the theme into your presentation. At Latinos In Action, we focus on four core values: Leadership, Service, Excellence in Education, and Developing Personal Assets. You are welcome to weave any or all of these values into your presentation.


To be sensitive to the needs and age of our students, and to comply with state law, please avoid the following:

Asking students their immigration status

Political discussions involving: Advocacy in favor or against any political party or specific candidate whether local or national in nature, Fundraising on behalf of a political party or candidate, Encouraging students to follow social media groups that promote or advocate for a political party or candidate

Promotion of personal interest areas such as personal businesses, personal social media sites, products for sale by your business, or other promotions

Discussions of sexuality, birth control, gender identity, homosexuality or any other subject relating to these topics

Offensive language or presentations of music, videos, or other media that include such language or that depict sexual activity or violence inappropriate for students under the age of 18

Use of racial epithets or any language that would demean or humiliate others, Speaking of race or ethnicity in the context of victimization or blaming

Discussions or presentations on social activism

If you are interested in presenting a workshop at one or more of our conferences, please CLICK HERE to fill out the application. Deadline for entries is Jan.15th, 2019. A committee will be formed to select the workshops for the conferences. Applicants will be notified on or before February 15th, 2019. If you have questions, please email

– Chosen Fam: Finding your Family on Campus
– Self-Branding in the Digital Age
– How to Ensure We Stay on Course to Become Batman, Not Robin
– I Can Manage Conflict, We Can Become Peacebuilders
– So You Want To Open Your Business? Tell Your Story!
– Networking and Navigating a Job Interview
– Affording College: We Can, We Will
– Beyond the Trail! How Service in the Backcountry can serve your goals and the environment
– Mayan Astronomy
– What I Wish I Knew Before College
– The Power of Leadership
– Defined Without Borders: Identifying Our Strengths Through Artistic Expression
– Helping Your Friends Cope with Emotional Distress
– Each One Teach One: Creating Collaborative Learning Spaces
– Growing Our Own: Maestros Para El Futuro
– Chemistry Magic Show