Competition prize awards are subject to location and availability.


  • Submit an original piece of writing: poem, essay, short story, etc.
  • Your original writing should incorporate and/or portray the “Trust In Me” theme.
  • Plagiarism (using someone else’s work without attribution) will result in disqualification and will be reported to your LIA teacher.
  • Your writing submission can be written in English, Spanish, or a combination of both languages.
  • Your writing submission can have a maximum of 500 (five hundred) words and poems can have a maximum of 50 (fifty) lines. Please double space your essay and set the margins of your essay to 1” (one inch). Poems can be single spaced.

How to Submit Your Work:

  • Your essay or poem should be uploaded in PDF format.
  • Please save your submission with your first and last name as the name of the document (ex: Your-Name-Writing-Competition.pdf)
  • Please make sure your first and last name appear at the top left corner of your document.
  • We highly recommend having a teacher proofread your writing before submitting.

Judging Criteria:

  • Please review the Writing Competition Rubric as a guide for your writing submission.
  • The rubric includes guidelines for inclusion of the LIA theme (Trust In Me), the purpose/objective of your writing, your personal voice, the feel/tone of your writing, and grammar/spelling/punctuation.

Registration OPENS:

DEC 08, 2021

Registration CLOSES:

JAN 31, 2022

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